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What are the signs that you should bring your vehicle to a mechanic?

It can often be difficult to tell if your car needs to be taken to a mechanic, but by monitoring your vehicle’s performance you can save money by getting issues taken care of early.

A lot of automotive problems can be detected by using your senses to determine if something is wrong.


Do you feel anything wrong with your car?  This could include new vibrations, shaking or shimmying of the car while driving.


Your vehicle could present unique sounds when it is time to visit a mechanic.  This could include clicking and clacking noises, squealing and squeaking, noises when turning or clunking noises, or anything that sounds like leaking air.


When your vehicle is in need of a mechanic you may see some problems, such as unusual lights on the vehicle, leaking fluids, or flickering electronics.


If your vehicle smells like leaking gas or oil, or like anything is burning, it is a good sign that you should bring it to a mechanic.

If your vehicle presents any of these issues, give K & K Automoto a call at (847) 451-1575 and let our team help you out!

Vehicle Tips

Regular oil and filter changes will keep your vehicle running longer than any other piece of maintenance. 

Vehicle Tips

Flush your cooling system and change your coolant once per year.

Vehicle Tips

Transmission and differential oils should be changed according to the regular service intervals in the owner's manual.

Vehicle Tips

Keep your vehicle clean, especially during Winter.  Salt and road grime can stick to the underside of your vehicle and cause damage.

Vehicle Tips

Applying high-quality wax can keep your paint protected.  Wax should be applied at least every six months.

Vehicle Tips

Brake fluid can attract moisture.  Because of this brake fluid should be replaced once per year to keep parts from corroding.