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Below are a few of the frequently asked questions by car owners.

Am I required to use the manufacturer’s original equipment to keep my warranty?

Automakers cannot legally specify which parts are used to complete service to your vehicle.  Any brand-name, quality part (such as CARQUEST Auto Parts) can be used to repair your vehicle.

What steps do I need to take for my vehicle’s warranty?

As a vehicle owner, you will need to have your vehicle serviced according to the owner’s manual or warranty booklet as well as keep records of this maintenance.

I lease my vehicle, am I still responsible for the maintenance on it?

Yes, even if you are leasing your vehicle, you are still responsible for all maintenance and repairs to keep the vehicle in good working order.

How do I know which parts should be replaced and when they should be replaced?

Your vehicle will come with an owners manual that will give you specific parts and mileage intervals for replacement.

Am I required to have maintenance performed at the dealer?

You are allowed to choose where to have your vehicle serviced and repaired.  If your repair is covered under warranty you will likely need to return to the dealer to have these completed.

Are aftermarket parts as good as original equipment parts?

Some aftermarket parts are actually manufactured by the same supplier as original equipment and may even have a longer warranty than original equipment parts.

Vehicle Tips

Regular oil and filter changes will keep your vehicle running longer than any other piece of maintenance. 

Vehicle Tips

Flush your cooling system and change your coolant once per year.

Vehicle Tips

Transmission and differential oils should be changed according to the regular service intervals in the owner's manual.

Vehicle Tips

Keep your vehicle clean, especially during Winter.  Salt and road grime can stick to the underside of your vehicle and cause damage.

Vehicle Tips

Applying high-quality wax can keep your paint protected.  Wax should be applied at least every six months.

Vehicle Tips

Brake fluid can attract moisture.  Because of this brake fluid should be replaced once per year to keep parts from corroding.